A proven procedural drama with a paranormal twist. They're fun. They're hip. They're fresh.

…and they're on the air!

Whether it’s the unsolved murder of a junkie or a real estate millionaire, Cold Squad is brought in to solve the cases that no other department can. Blackstone
The world of Edgemont revolves around relationships, dating family, friendship, rivalries and alliances. It’s high school with all its ups and downs. Da Vinci's Inquest is a critically-acclaimed weekly prime-time procedural drama in the mold of CSI or Law and Order.
It’s “American Idol” on wheels! Unsuspecting pedestrians flag down and climb into the backseat of an average looking cab that suddenly and startlingly transforms into the liveliest, trendiest and most colorful Karaoke Club this side of Tokyo! Little Mosque

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